Is It Time To Remove A Diseased Tree?

When a tree catches a disease, it is often very hard to decide the best time to remove it. A number of different factors, including the cost of removal and at a time, even an emotional attachment to the tree can have an impact on the decision. A diseased tree that is located in a residential area is a hazard to the property as well as people. Such dangerous trees, which have physical threats that may possibly become a reason for an injury to people or harm to property require instant consideration and must be assessed by certified tree surgeons. With wide-ranging practice in dealing with the arboriculture industry, tree surgeons have the professional expertise required to identify a diseased tree for removal. Look out for the following signs to identify if your tree is diseased and needs to be removed:

An Unhealthy or Diseased Tree

Possibly the most evident pointer that it is time to remove a tree is if it appears to be diseased. There are some visible symptoms, which may help you to identify if your tree is possibly diseased. These indications of a diseased tree can appear in various different ways, but mostly include small external growth or growth of the tree itself into a strange form. In addition to that, the appearance of tree leaves can also act as an indicator of its health. You can check them for abnormal complexion and spot diseases. Shedding of lots of leaves out of season can also be a sign of a diseased tree.

In case the tree appears to be seriously diseased or if it has sustained substantial damage than it has to be removed by a professional tree removal service. In a few circumstances, there is a possibility to cure a diseased tree, therefore, it is extremely important to obtain a professional opinion from Ashley Tree Surgeons before you decide that it is time to remove a diseased tree.

Root Damage

Seriously damaged roots can also be a sign that it is time to remove a tree. Rotting roots are clearly unable to provide the required support in order to keep a tree standing firmly on the ground and will ultimately result in falling over of a tree. In case it appears that there is a lot of gap between the ground and the tree or if the tree is leaning towards a side, then it is an indication that roots are losing their support to keep the tree intact in the ground. Under such circumstances, it is best to get the tree removed before it falls down and become a cause of destruction.

Tree Trunk with Several Deep Cracks

Bacteria and Fungi can have some adverse impact on the health of a tree because with time they can cause large cavities in the tree trunk and making a tree hollow. Therefore, you must look out for deep cracks and hollow opening in a tree trunk, which may develop over a time. A tree surgeon can inspect your tree in this regard and let you advise if it is time to remove a diseased tree.

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