Cool Gadgets for Safer Driving

Road accidents are a major cause of death around the world. As much as most people try to drive safely, anyone can fall victim to an accident that isn’t necessarily anyone’s fault. If you often worry about staying safe on the road, you’ll be glad to know that there are a number of gadgets and devices that can help you. You can cut down on your chances of an accident due to human error by letting a machine do some of the work. Gadgets can help you to control your speed, make sure you don’t drive drunk and let your know if there’s a vehicle in your blind spot. Try some of these handy gadgets to keep you safe when you’re driving.

Speed Camera and Speed Trap Devices

Driving too fast is a dangerous factor when it comes to road accidents. But everyone goes over the speed limit at some point in their driving lives, whether they do it on purpose or accidentally. To help you stay within the speed limit of the local area, you can use devices that remind you of the limit. Some gadgets can let you know if there’s an upcoming speed camera, so you can check that you’re within the legal limit. You can also get devices that let you know of temporary speed traps, as well as permanent speed cameras. Sometimes all you need is a reminder to check your speed to make sure you keep your eye on the ball.

Personal Breathalyzers

Drink driving is another big problem that contributes to road accidents. Although the best advice is never to drink at all when you’re driving, there are ways to have a drink and still check if you’re under the legal limit. You can carry your own breathalyzer to allow you to check your blood-alcohol level before getting in your car. Smartphone apps with attachable breathalyzers are also available, although their accuracy might not be as good. It’s important that you do what you can to avoid driving drunk and having to contact a Phoenix DUI lawyer to defend you against a DUI charge. In some countries, such as France, it is now legally required that drivers carry a breathalyzer.

Change Lanes Safely

It can be incredibly unsafe to change lanes while driving if you just make one little mistake. Even if you think you’re the safest driver in the world, everyone can make a mistake or have a moment of lapsed judgement. Devices like the ALIRT Lane Changing Alarm will let you know if there’s someone in your blind spot before you make a maladroit lane change. You can also get blind spot detection technology for your vehicle. Often the manufacturer installs this in the vehicle, so it’s built in.

When you use technology to help you stay safe while you’re driving, it can make you a more conscientious driver. You must be careful not to allow yourself to believe that your gadgets are doing all the work. You still need to be a careful driver, using gadgets to increase your awareness, not allow you to let your guard down.