10 Movie Characters Adults Secretly Want To Be


There is probably a reason that many of us love dressing up at Halloween and for fancy dress parties. As adults, it is the one time that we really get to give in to our inner child and have some good old fashioned, silly fun.

 There are quite a few cult movies out there that critics will tell you are a ‘must watch’ but we all have our favourite British gangster films and classics from around the world.

 In today’s society, we are working hard to earn our money and spending many hours away from our friends and family in order to keep a roof over our heads. Movies have now become a source of escapism. Investing in our best-loved characters lets us forget about the daily grind, and immerse ourselves in another world for a few short hours.

 Many of us have all wished that we were one of the ultra cool characters and would love to give in to that temptation to put on an adults fancy dress costume and rock up to the party. If you get creative enough, you can mimic the iconic look of any of your favourite characters, including these ideas.

 Superman – He’s a classic superhero who always manages to save the day. Sweeping girls off their feet on a regular basis and tracking down villains is what he does best. With the power of superhuman strength, flight and speed on his side, the Man of Steel is far more appealing than his day-to-day persona Clark Kent.

BatmanMany actors have now played the role of Batman but most guys like to think that they would look just as cool if they dressed up as him! He’s got a seriously slick costume, loads of money and of course, the batmobile. His secret lair is a cave and he’s Gotham City’s biggest protector. They just don’t come much cooler than this.

The Bride aka Beatrix Kiddo: When Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman were filming the classic movie: Pulp Fiction they came up with an idea for a script. Not one to let an idea drop, Tarantino continued with the idea and reportedly gave the role of ‘The Bride’ to Thurman for her 30th birthday as a very personal and unique gift!

The Bride, aka Beatrix Kiddo (spoiler alert!) and code name Black Mamba has now become a cult movie character in her own right. You can guarantee that there will be someone dressed as her at any big fancy dress party. With her desire for revenge against the notorious ‘Bill’ and a list of people standing in her way, it’s easy to see why she has become so loved.

Spiderman: Are your Spidey senses tingling?

If you feel the urge to put on a lycra superhero suit and shoot webs from your hands then this could be the costume for you! Spiderman is a classic superhero loved by kids and adults. Remember “With great power, comes great responsibility” if you dress up like this guy!

The Terminator: The Terminator’s classic line “I’ll be back” is one of the most well-known movie quotes of all time.

You could easily dress as The Terminator. Remember, you’ll need “your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle” to look the part. See what we did there?

John McClane Die Hard: He’s one of the classic ‘good guys’ who went up against the legendary uber-baddie Hans Gruber in Die Hard.

Famous for saving the day in the most spectacular ways, John McClane would be a great choice for any action movie addict to wear as a costume at their next fancy dress event.

Indiana Jones: Not many fictional archaeologists could be this cool.

This whip-wielding, hat wearing hero was hugely successful and has since become just as popular with kids as he has been with grown-ups.

Harrison Ford played the role of Indiana Jones and who knows when there might be another instalment in this successful franchise.

Ellen Ripley: Played by Sigourney Weaver in the Alien movies.

This is one lady who didn’t give up without a fight. With some classic movie lines and a no-nonsense attitude, she totally deserves her cult status.

Alien went on to spawn a further three successful movies as fans refused to give up on their favourite Alien killing heroine.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: OK so she was cooler in the TV show than in the movie.

The movie may have flopped, but the version of Buffy that Joss Whedon created became an overnight success. Sarah Michelle Gellar played the role of this Vampire staking cheerleader for seven seasons.

She was joined by a brilliant cast who tackled different subjects that teen TV hadn’t managed to successfully handle before.

This would be an easy and fun costume idea to put together with the use of a cheerleader costume and a fake wooden stake!

Bridget Jones: Well we might not actually want to be her, but most of us have accidentally ended up like her at one point in our lives. Bridget might be a chain smoking, wine drinking, emotional wreck, but we still love her!

The role of Bridget Jones was played brilliantly by Renee Zellweger and was adapted from the book Bridget Jones’s Diary.

Brought to the big screen by director Sharon Maguire, women everywhere fell in love with this character and her on-screen beau ‘Mark Darcy’ played by Colin Firth.

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas of a few fun characters that you could dress up at your next fancy dress party. Maybe there is one happening near to you on New Year’s Eve?

Remember, you don’t have to hide your inner geek! Just get yourself down to an event or a convention where you can proudly show off your movie and TV related costumes with like-minded, awesome people!

 Comic-Con now happens in various locations around the world and would be a great way to to show off some your love of the characters you secretly wish that you were!