40 arrested in protest to Alexei Navalny sentence

Around 40 protesters were arrested in Moscow yesterday after the verdict against Alexei Navalny was handed down.  Navalny, who is…

Detroit files for bankruptcy

Detroit, which was once known as “motor city”, the place where Ford, Dodge and Chrysler got their start, has officially…

Striker Edinson Cavani picked up by Paris St Germain

PSG fans and Parisian football fanatics have something to celebrate with the signing of Edinson Cavani.  After all, he’s one…

Mexico tops obesity list according to UN report

When you think of the most obese or overweight countries, Mexico isn’t necessarily the first nation that comes to mind.…

Good morning Vietnam: McDonald’s will soon open a restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City

Call it healing old wounds or simply another instance of how capitalism can traverse virtually any boundary, Vietnam is going…

A closer look at the recent exploits of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

Recently, Marissa Mayer passed the one year mark as acting CEO of Yahoo and in that time the company made…