4 Hands-On Business Ideas

Visit any business or startup blog, and all their advice is about online companies. They all talk about digital marketing, blogging, and creating money-making schemes. Which is great, don’t get us wrong! In fact, we’ve made plenty of money in the digital realm. But, some people prefer a more hands-on job. They like to get outside and work hard-labour for their pay-packet. Many of these people have that entrepreneurial spark inside them too. Today, we’ll show you how to combine those two passions into one.

Starting a labour business or a hands-on startup is often a more profitable and sustainable business proposition. For starters, you can provide an immediate service, with a tangible exchange of goods. There is no hidden profit or testing. It’s an old-fashioned business exchange. In some ways it’s simpler for this reason. The only downside is that these sort of businesses often require a large startup budget. But, if you’ve got some cash set aside, and a fierce passion, you can make it happen! Let’s look at a few ideas that might work for you.

  1. Construction – The construction industry revolves around teams of contractors. There are often ten different trades working on a building site at any one time. We’re talking about brickies, glaziers, architects, site managers, safety crews and steel fabricators. There are also suppliers and contractors behind the scenes. They supply the materials, and consult on various projects. Starting a business here is a great idea, and the industry is in a constant boom. Choose your niche, and leverage your contacts to find your first job.
  1. Tradesperson – Part of the construction world involves tradespeople. However, they also operate in the domestic sphere. Plumbers, electricians, and roofers all answer callouts and emergencies in the home. It’s a lucrative business to start, and it’s one of the easiest hands-on jobs to start. The tools are relatively cheap to get started, and you can begin advertising in your local area. A business like this can grow and expand too as you add new team members.
  1. Mechanic – If you love getting your hands dirty, this is the business for you! Did you spend your younger years taking cars apart? Are you obsessed with learning how things work? That’s what drives most young mechanics. You can start by lending your services to existing repair garages. As you gain experience, you can set up shop on your own. The auto industry is at a big turning point with hybrid engines growing in popularity. You could be on the edge of that turning point.
  1. Mining – Mining is one of the most profitable industries on the planet. Even during the recession, the sector barely wobbled. We will always search the earth for minerals and resources. Starting a mining company is not easy, and you’ll need a lot of capital. But, if you’re intrigued, you’ll find everything you need at Direct Mining equipment. New mining spots are opening up all across the northern portion of the USA. You could be one of them!

The businesses on this list are among the most satisfying and fulfilling. There’s nothing better than working with your hands to create something. What would you choose?



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